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Experience the freedom to work from anywhere securely with XenTegra-GOV's virtual desktop solutions, offering resilient designs and round-the-clock support to meet the demanding needs of government and education sectors.

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Resilient Virtual Desktop Solutions for Uninterrupted Operations

XenTegra-GOV is dedicated to providing virtual desktop solutions that stand the test of time, offering resilience by design to ensure uninterrupted operations. Our solutions are crafted with multiple points of presence (POPs), a feature that guarantees reliability and a seamless working experience.

We understand the critical role that a secure and reliable virtual desktop plays in the modern work environment, especially in the government and education sectors where security and reliability are non-negotiable. Our platform choices are among the most secure in the industry, offering you peace of mind as you work from anywhere, knowing that your data and operations are safe.

Work from Anywhere

We integrate technologies, platforms, devices, and clouds to offer secure and simplified IT management for the public sector, delivering personalized access to essential systems and tools, tailored to the needs of government and education personnel.

Secure Platform Choices

Embrace the new norms of hybrid and multi-cloud networking with XenTegra-GOV. We guide government and educational institutions beyond traditional networking towards a secure digital perimeter, ensuring safety and efficiency.

24x7x365 Support

Enjoy peace of mind with our round-the-clock support, ensuring that your virtual desktop solutions are always up and running, facilitating uninterrupted operations.

Statements of Work

XenTegra-GOV’s Statement of Work delineates the specific tasks, timelines, and deliverables pertinent to each project engagement in the government and education sectors, ensuring clarity in project scope and timeline. Leveraging a deep commitment to security and expertise in crafting personalized digital workspaces, we stand as the ideal partner to streamline your IT systems and boost productivity. Rely on our seasoned team to select the optimal workspace platform for your needs, simplifying operations with a solution uniquely crafted for government and educational institutions.

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Secure and Flexible Virtual Desktop Solutions

In the modern era, the ability to work from anywhere has become a necessity. XenTegra-GOV facilitates this through our virtual desktop solutions, designed with the unique needs of government and educational institutions in mind. We offer a range of secure platform choices including Citrix, VMware, Cameyo, KASM, and more, allowing you to choose a platform that aligns with your security and operational requirements.

Our solutions are versatile, offering XenTegra Cloud or public cloud options to suit your preferences and needs. Designed to be resilient, our virtual desktops feature multiple points of presence (POPs), ensuring reliability and uninterrupted service.

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Huntersville, NC [December 12, 2023] – XenTegra-GOV, specializing in government and education technology solutions, is delighted to announce that Harvey Green III has been named a Nutanix Technology Champion for 2024, …

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